Defending Yourself and Your Neighborhood

It’s one thing to know proper and effective self-defense methods that can keep you protected if eminent danger is present. But what about helping to defend and protect others? You can help defend your entire neighborhood by forming a neighborhood watch program. Groups of crimestoppers are also a good resource for communities looking to “clean up” or help others avoid crime.

One of the most important things to remember as a neighborhood or crime watch participant, is that the law is never in your hands and if you do witness or experience a criminal act in your area, the first thing you should do is report it to the authorities. Police and other branches of law enforcement have the know-how and skills to correctly assess and deal with a situation, especially if it involves dangerous people. Resources like Crime Stoppers International can help you learn how to watch out for and report (and even avoid) crime, but it doesn’t necessarily mean acting as the town sheriff.

Crimestoppers work to keep your community safe by:

1. Staying alert and aware of their neighborhoods, neighbors and surroundings

2. Using effective technology to help reduce crime (such as smartphone applications, home security systems and car alarms)

3. Knowing what the specific risks and crimes are in the area and reporting them to local law enforcement officials.

What A World Constantly At War Means For You

It seems that every time you turn on the news, you are faced with images of violence and war. It can be overwhelming.

When living in a world constantly at war, you have to maintain some type of perspective. War is how this world has gotten to this point, and there will likely continue to be wars as long as mankind is alive. It is in mankind’s nature to fight for survival, and this usually manifests itself in the form of war.

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Personal Safety In The Face Of Rapidly Evolving Terrorism

Feeling and staying safe are an integral part of mental and physical health, but sometimes people wonder how they can practice personal safety techniques in the face of rapidly evolving terrorism. Discover some personal safety tips right here and rest easily tonight.

The phrase, “Go with your gut” is frequently overused, but it is very true in regard to personal safety in a nation that is plagued with terrorist acts. If something seems wrong or feels like it could be the beginning of an act of terror, leave immediately.Confused? Read more…

The Unseen Dangers Contained Within Daily American Life

The fast paced American lifestyle leaves U.S. citizens vulnerable against acts of terror and violence. Americans have a relatively open society that leaves a lot of space for potential acts that threaten the public’s safety. For example, colleges and schools are vulnerable to mass shootings. The sad reality is that such incidences in the United States have proven that mad shooters can easily walk into a school or college campus and face little resistance from armed security onsite. There is a definitely an ongoing debate about strengthening security measures in educational facilities throughout the United States.

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Historical Moments When Self Defense Was Taken Too Far

Historical Moments When Self Defense Was Taken Too Far

Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law: Is It Positive or Negative?
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Drones And The Future Of The War On Terrorism

Drones now play a game changing role in modern warfare. The United States military has decided to use drones for the sake of national security and the safety of soldiers. However, these advanced modern weapons have stirred plenty of controversy. Traditionally, drones have been used exclusively for surveillance to gather information about enemies. These days, such unmanned flying machines are capable of striking targets with deadly force from far away. Drones basically take traditional pilots out of the harm’s Read more…

Proactive Methods To Defend Yourself Against National Security Threats

It’s becoming apparent that the federal government has little interest in protecting us against terrorist attacks. The borders are wide open to allow terrorists to enter our country. The government is allowing thousands of immigrants into the U.S. from countries that support terrorism. Therefore, it will fall to everyone to develop proactive methods to defend themselves against national security threats.

Situational Awareness

The Israeli citizen is taught to be aware of his surroundings and the people around him. That means to watch out for things that are out of the ordinary.Get more information here. People should watch for individuals wearing bulky coats when the weather is warm. That coat could be hiding a bomb that a terrorist is wearing. Any unattended backpacks in a crowd or at a restaurant could be concealing a terrorist bomb.

Suspicious People at Work

People at work need to watch for suspicious people on the company property. Individuals taking pictures of critical structures could be planning an attack. People asking questions about security at a facility should also be considered suspicious.

Celebrating 911

If your neighbors hold parties and celebrate 911,, that’s a warning flag that these people may be terrorists. The Department of Homeland Security caught people who were planning a bombing because neighbors became suspicious after seeing them celebrating the 911 attack.